My name is Mike Versteeg, welcome to my personal web site where I tell you a little bit about myself and show you some links to my work. I was born in 1963 in Spijkenisse, at that time a little village close to Rotterdam, Netherlands. I am widower of Marijke and have a son called Wesley.
From before I was 10 I was already playing with sound, hooking up speakers to a radio 2 floors down. Home built electronics and FM transmitters shortly followed. At university I bought my first computer, the ZX-81, shortly followed by the Acorn Atom for which I designed a cassette tape based OS called CDOS, a self built 6809 system running FLEX for which I wrote the boot loader, and many many IBM compatible personal computers.
I graduated in Information Technology, at that time the only study available with computing in it. After working for a couple of years at Kuipers Electronic Engineering, writing embedded software in C for telemonitoring systems using the 6809 processor, I started my own company CombiTech in 1991. Since then I designed electronics and wrote several successful programs for DOS and later Windows. Currently I am mostly working on VidBlaster. You'll find a list of links to some of my projects below.

If you need to contact me personally (not for product support please), send an email to mike (at) mikeversteeg.com or skype me at mikeversteeg. You can also find me on LinkedIn, facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Executive production & production for the film industry, particularly startups.

VidBlaster & VidBlasterX
Live video production at your fingertips! Create live recordings and/or streams using multiple cameras and video players.

Mscan Meteo
Very popular among blue water sailors and yachtsmen, this program allows you to receive every piece of vital information for safe passage.

Mscan SSTV
Mscan SSTV is used by radio amateurs world wide to receive and transmit colour images in slow scan television (SSTV) mode.

Live audio production for the professional. A modular audio production tool to record, stream or transmit.

The world’s most popular commercial podcast creation tool, at the time exclusively licensed to Adam Curry's and Ron Bloom’s PodShow Inc.

Podcast receiver, highly acclaimed for its ease of use.

Easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor & uploader to get your first web site up and running in minutes.

An accounting program, which makes accounting as easy as completing the old fashioned paper-based column sheets. Currently, Procent is only available in the Dutch language. My wife uses it all the time :)